10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

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Have you ever wondered if there are foods that can automatically burn stubborn fat instantly?

You’ve been working out with all the sweating and you are tired of imagining your dream shape and how you want your body to look only to conclude that maybe it can’t be attained.

You exercise almost every hour of the day, if there was a competition for the highest workout addict you would be taking home the gold BUT… what type of food do you eat? Do you eat the type of food that will set your body to it’s fat burning mode?

Well, you are not alone because I have been there, it’s possible to burn fat with food and I’m going to show you how.

With the proper diet plan, the fruitless effort you’ve been making working out and exercising will be turned to positive results.

If you aren’t following the proper diet then you really have to change your diet because what we eat is what we are and there is no arguing it.

So let’s get to the know shall we?

Eat these ten foods and your body will start burning off fat.

1. Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna)

fish salmon - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Recent studies have proved fatty fishes such as salmon, mackerel and tuna contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps increase insulin level and prevents inflammation.

It also supports efficient fat burning. These fishes are lean proteins that helps build lean muscles and burns stubborn fat. Incorporate these nutrient parked fishes into your daily meal.

2. Grape fruit.

grape 1024x628 - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Grape fruit is a low calorie fruit that helps increase metabolism.

It has abundant fibre, fibre helps to stabilize appetite by slowing down the break down of sugar which largely helps to eliminate body fat.

You can take it as a juice or you eat it as a fruit every day. The rind of grape fruit is used for producing grapefruit essential oil used for fat burning. 

3. Eggs

egg 1024x688 - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Eggs are excellent protein source that helps improve muscles and burns fat from stubborn areas in the body.

They help keep you satisfied and full of energy and help your body build lean muscle while it burns off fat. Eat them like three times a week but don’t over eat them.

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4. Chilli pepper

chilli - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

You have heard of capsaicin, yeah it’s that chemical in pepper that cause shot sensation whenever we eat it.

This feature of peppers helps the increase metabolic rate.

Increase metabolism means increased fat burning. This chemical also curbs appetite helping you  to shed unwanted fat mainly from those stubborn areas. Incorporate it in your diet. if you are an ulcer patent then visit your doctor to help you know if you can be able to take pepper comfortably without risking anything.

5. Berries

straw berry - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

These colourful looking sweeties are parked with healthy fibers that makes you feel fuller and reduces unnecessary craving for food.

Berries are rich in antioxidants (substances that helps prevent inflammation and bloating responsible for weight gain) examples are raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Raspberries contains an antioxidant that works with leptin to decrease hunger feelings, eat a lot of them every day

These super foods helps you bun stubborn fat 569x1024 - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

6. Beans and legumes

red beans - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Beans and legumes are the best source of protein and fiber .They help to build lean muscles, burn fat and keep your digestive system improved.

Legumes contain dietary fiber and some antioxidants compounds that helps prevent inflammation that makes us gain weight.

7. Cinnamon

cinnamon - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Cinnamon is one of the popular ingredients used to produce essential oils used to burn fat.

Aside the essential oil value it’s good in controlling blood sugar level and prevents too much craving for food. It can be used in its essential oil form or it can be added to your tea or in your early morning glass of water for effective fat burning.

8. Brocolli

brocoli vegetables salad green 1615141 1024x682 - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

When its about weight loss broccoli is a great thing. It’s rich in vitamin C and vitamin C helps to produce carnitine which is crucial when fat is metabolized into energy.

It also contains fibre which reduces appetite. You can eat it as much as you want since its low in calorie and high in nutrients that aids fat burning.

Include brocolli in your meals every week to take advantage of its weight loss benefits.

9. Nuts

almond - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

Nuts are great source of protein, fibre and antioxidants. Protein and fibre helps to build lean muscles, reduces appetite and improves weight loss. Antioxidant prevents inflammation that could lead to bloating (water fat) which can make the body to add weight .

Nuts such as walnuts and almonds are great for weight loss and they have their different fat burning features. Eat handful of them everyday.

10. Water

water - 10 Super foods that burns stubborn fat instantly

We all know water right?

When we drink water, it flushes our colon and aids digestion. It helps to keep us hydrated even during the weight loss journey.

It keeps the body from bloating which could result from too much salt intake by neutralizing the effect of too much salt providing the body with enough hydration

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