10 Ultimate foods that is best for weight loss

how to lose weight fast without exercise

The 10 ultimate foods that is best for weight loss

There are thousands and thousands of information out there that promises you the foods you will eat to lose weight.

Yes some of them works but even a health expert could get confused seeing the overload and thousands of information feeds out there.

I know you have probably had that feeling before, “which one actually does the miracle”

Well you can thank me later, because I have taken time and knowledge to bring you the best among the best and I would like you to concentrate on the different kinds of foods I am going to share with you now and promise me never to go to your browser again to search for foods that helps lose weight.

Now get your pen and paper and write down these foods.

So the content will be

  • 3 Super foods that boosts metabolism
  • 3 Super foods that boosts your energy
  • 3 Supper foods that burns calories
  • The best weight loss supplement to finally pull the trigger

So let’s dive in

3 super foods that boosts metabolism

Metabolism determines whether you lose weight or not, if you eat foods that can boost your metabolism, your metabolic rate will be friendly to you as long as weight loss is concerned.

So what are the three best super foods to kick-start your metabolism?

Foods rich in protein

Protein rich foods requires higher energy and calories to break it down, this is referred to as the “Thermic food effect” (TFE).

Breakdown of protein consumes more calories than carbs will ever do and provides room to build more lean muscles and burn off fat

Examples of such foods are lean meat, fish, nut, eggs, seeds.

Incorporate any of these in your daily diet, I’m pleading.

Foods rich in iron, magnesium and zinc

Magnesium for example helps to transport energy molecules to the places where they are needed whenever we do any activity that requires energy.

When magnesium is absent, we feel weak and tired easily.

These three essential elements contribute to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which helps secret hormones and the deficient of them can make the thyroid gland to malfunction and slow down metabolic rate.

A good example of foods rich in this essential elements are white beans and lentils, I am pleading again, add them to your diet.

Metabolism boosting spices

Spices such as chilli pepper and ginger can help boost your metabolism, chilli pepper contains a substance called capsaicin, according to studies, this substance is responsible for the hot sensation we feel when we eat pepper and it helps boost metabolism.

Ginger can also give your metabolism a boost, add slices of ginger to warm water and drink it in the morning.

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3 Super foods that boost your energy

Chia seeds

According to studies, Chia seeds have been proven to be a super food and a natural energy boosting supplement; it combats inflammation and boosts brain power.

Make friend with vitamin B12 foods

Vitamin B12 is also called an energy vitamin; it is a water soluble vitamin that can boost your energy.

If you are deficient of this vitamin, one of the major symptoms will be lack of energy.

The foods that are rich in vitamin B12 include

  • Animal liver and kidney
  • Fortified cereal
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • salmon

Peppermint essential oil

The use of essential oil has been proven to be great resource in the weight loss industry.

Peppermint essential oil is known for its energy boosting properties; you can add its drops to your drinking water, bath water or use a diffuser to spread it in your room to boost your energy.

3 foods that helps burn calories

Grape fruit

I love this one, it’s my favorite and I love mentioning it first. It is tasty and the enzyme in it breaks down sugar.

Its essential oil is one of the best among the essential oils used for weight loss.

Always have a slice of it or take it as a juice.


Just like I said, a high protein feed can help consume more calories. Chicken is a great source of protein and it’s a powerful fat burning food that keeps us satiated and gives room to build lean muscles.

Whey protein

This has been proven by studies to be one of the best proteins that build lean muscles. Lean muscles burns calories more than fats.

 When you exercise, take a scoop of whey protein to help you build a good body lean muscles and burn more calories

The super weight loss supplement to finally pull the trigger

Once you have made up your mind to incorporate these above mentioned foods into your daily diet which is a great feat, I would also recommend using one of the best weight loss supplement phen 24 which provides additional qualities that the foods above could not provide within a short period of time.

Phen 24 has these super qualities

  • It increases your metabolism
  • It boosts your energy
  • It burns off calories
  • Increases your night time metabolism
  • Reduces craving
  • Offers better sleep
  • gave amazing results to people that have used it

Try this amazing supplement and get ready for the changes in your body, just like the others.

What to do

After you must have written down this different foods, Create a diet plan that involves almost all or all the above listed foods and supplements, STICK WITH IT, I mean stick with it for  goodness sake, you will surely start getting lucky.

Share this article and make your friends indebted to you.

Leave me a comment or a question and I will love to get back to you.

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I recommend only the brands I trust and seen positive results with. No extra charges will be made to you for purchasing it through the link from my site; it’s just to make sure I bring you the best products I’ve known so far.

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