5 core essential oils that burns belly fat and how to use them

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Have you been on this “I want to lose this belly fat” journey for so long and now you are feeling like those fat is the boss and they have come to stay?

Have you been feeling depressed and you always think maybe those flawless looking tummy is not for your body and is meant for a particular set of human beings?

When last did you even go to the beach wearing your bikini?

If you answered yes to the first two questions then I’m very much convinced that you haven’t tried out the 5 core essential oils that is meant particularly for burning belly fat.

Using essential oils is not just a natural way to get to your fitness goals but also they are easy to use. With the proper usage and application of the essential oils I’m going to list out for you, in combination with the five core exercises that targets belly fat and also with the practice of healthy eating habits that will help you achieve your weight loss goals, you are going to get that flat belly you have always wished for, the reason I sound so sure is because I’m a living testimony to these essential oils, when I started applying them, combined with these five core exercises for flat tummy and with the healthy eating habits that helps burn fats, the results I got is the only reason I’m very enthusiastic about them so follow my lead and I will list them out and show you the methods I used that worked for me.

The 5 core essential oils that burns belly fat

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We both know there isn’t any kind of magic out there that will get you your dream body shape, but with the proper essential oils, the proper eating habits and with the best workout combination, you can work that miracle for yourself, below are the five core essential oils for weight loss and why they help burn belly fat.

  1. The grapefruit essential oil: the grapefruit oil is one of the popular and most versatile oil mostly considered for weight loss. It is extracted from the bulky rind of the grapefruit plant, it is a citrus fruit with a fresh smell. This great fruit contains nootkatone, this compound boosts metabolism which reduces appetite and helps the body melt fat. Boosting your  metabolism clearly means more fat burning. It helps activate the enzyme that aids your body to break down the body fat. It can be applied on the skin and it can also be inhaled, read on and you will find out how this application is done.
  2. The ginger essential oil: the ginger root contains gingerol which enhances digestion by reducing the inflammation in the digestive systems. The ginger fruit can be eaten but to maximize the effectiveness of ginger, then It’s essential oil should be used.
  3. The peppermint essential oil: this oil helps reduce your craving for food because it improves the digestive system and it suppresses your appetite. It also helps to prevent bloating. It has a very strong and energizing smell that is motivating for a body that lacks strength.
  4. The cinnamon essential oil: have you heard of the cinnamon essential oil, I’m sure the diabetic people must surely love this oil, it doesn’t only benefit the diabetic patients but also it is one of the best essential oils when it comes to weight loss, the reason is because it reduces the rate at which glucose is pumped into the body therefore it helps manage the amount of sugar in our body and helps us reduce our daily cravings for sugary foods. It can be added to our tea or food.
  5. The coconut oil: ok the coconut oil is not a weight loss oil but the reason I added it here is because you cannot use essential oils without diluting it, it can be very dangerous sometimes especially when it is being applied topically (directly to the skin). The coconut oil is one of the popular oils used in diluting the concentrated essential oils to make it safer to apply and to maximize the benefits of those essential oils.

Ok now that we have know the best essential oils that can be used to burn fat, lets also look at the different ways we can apply them that worked for me.

The different ways to use essential oils to burn belly fat.

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There are many essential oils out there with different contents and uses, one might be confused as to which oil is best for a particular purpose, it is really a given to know the uses of each essential oil and how to apply them to get your best results. Below I’m going to talk about how to apply the essential oils we have mentioned above and how best to use them to get that flat belly you have always dreamed of. Read also the best ways to dilute essential oils for different uses.

  • Topical application: this means applying the oil directly to your skin and the areas you wish to get rid of fat, after diluting the oil (the choice you have made out of the listed oils above), I used grapefruit essential oil for topical application, massage it to the areas where you want to get rid of fat but avoid contact with eyes or any where you have opening in your skin.
  • With the use of a diffuser: diffusers is used in our various home to improve its scent, a carrier oil such as the coconut oils can be added to your diffuser in the appropriate amount and you add few drops of your essential oil (I use peppermint oil). This will diffuse the oil in the home and you will be able to inhale it, it will activate parts of your body that requires losing weight. Peppermint oil is the best for this kind of application because of its weight loss benefits and also its fresh and energizing scent.
  • Through bath water: the essential oils can be added to your warm bath water for better results, it can also be added to your body cream for those that wish to lose weight all over.
  • Through drinking water: you can add a drop of the essential oil of your choice to one glass of water and drink it directly.





In summary

There are many essential oils out there but these are the specific and most effective ones for weight loss, they also have other health benefits but I have decided to only state the one that we really need to know for the sake of burning fat.

For the serious minded people that really wants to get rid of this belly fat, follow these three steps and I guarantee you, you will start getting results quickly:

  1. Follow the best five exercises that burns belly fat
  2. The best eating habit to help you burn fat
  3. The best essential oils for flat tummy and how to use them.

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