7 ways to boost your metabolism for faster weight loss

7 ways to boost your metabolism for faster weight loss

If you have been on this weight loss journey for long then you must have probably heard about metabolism and its effect on weight loss and weight gain, or maybe not.

So let’s know what metabolism actually is and how it can affect weight loss or weight gain.

What is Metabolism

Metabolism is actually the rate of the chemical reactions that is going on in our body.

It can also be seen as the rate at which our body converts the calories it takes into energy.

From what I have said above I’m sure you must have concluded within you that you really need to kick start your metabolism but how are you going to do that? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you here.

But how does metabolism affect weight?

Metabolism has very great effect on the rate our body burns fat and also the rate our body accumulates fat.

These factors shows how metabolism affects weight


 when we age, especially when we turn 40, our metabolism starts to slow down by approximately 5%, this occurs mostly in women and that is why women tend to have more weight when they start to approach menopause. Though low metabolic rate can happen for highly obese people no matter their age.

BMI (body mass index)

According to studies, people with appropriate body mass index have more metabolism boost.

Consequently, people with more body fat are likely to have a slow metabolism because too much fat in the body slows down metabolism especially when nothing is done about it, while higher muscle mass helps to burn more calories.

Because of the different distribution of fat in the bodies for women and men, muscular men has higher metabolic rate than fatty women.

Level of activity

the level of one’s activity can also affect their metabolic rate, example are people that don’t exercise, people that sit at the same place for hours, highly obese people tends to have low metabolic rate than those that always do a higher activity work.

Benefits of a high metabolic rate


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When your body has the appropriate rate of metabolism, it credits you with any or all of the following qualities:

  • Easier weight loss
  • Good brain functioning
  • Enough supply of energy to your body
  • Increased fertility
  • Lean muscle mass

How to know if you have a slow metabolic rate

These features show symptoms of low metabolic rate:

  • Constipation and slow bowel movement
  • Lack of proper brain functionality
  • Low supply of energy to the body
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Fruitless efforts to lose weight
  • Retarded and rough fingernails
  • Poor sexual health
  • Frequent urination
  • Higher level of thirst

7 ways to boost your metabolism

Eat magnesium rich foods

When your body lacks magnesium, you will tend to get weak and very tired especially during exercises because when we involve in activities that require more energy supply, and you are deficient of magnesium that will help energy molecules move to where they are needed, you will easily get tired and give up.

Eat foods that are rich in magnesium such as white beans.

Eat spicy foods (pepper)

I talked about how spicy food can speed up metabolism in my previous article on how to lose weight by eating healthy.

Spicy foods contains pepper, according to  studies, a substance in pepper called capsaicin can speed up metabolism, although it might be at a smaller rate but it sure does help when it comes to lifting a dead metabolic rate .

Take coffee always              

Studies have proved that the substance in coffee which is caffeine can boost metabolism at a percentage of 3%-11%,

When you take coffee always, you are at a better chance of a good metabolic rate, it will contribute in making your weight loss journey easier because it is proven and it actually works.

Do high intensity interval training

When we involve in activities such as HIIT, it not only helps you burn fat, it also helps to give a sure boost to your metabolism.

HIIT is a very quick and intensive burst of activity, It’s effect is better than any other kind of cardio exercise that takes more time to do.

Some HIIT exercise you should really start doing includes

  • Split lunge jumps
  • Lateral hops
  • Mountain climbers
  • Split lunge jumps with squats

Avoid inflammatory foods

There are foods that are called metabolism death foods, the body recognizes these foods as toxins, and tries to stimulate the immune system flight response, this response increases the production of stress hormone and consequently slows down metabolic rate.

These kind of foods include

  • Processed foods such as gluten foods, white bread, cereal, muffins and some other foods made with grain.
  • artificial sweeteners
  • Sugary drinks.

Try to reduce your intake of these kinds of foods

Use essential oils that can boost metabolism

There are some essential oils that can help burn fat and boost metabolism, I have shared some of them in my article about how to burn belly fat using essential oils and how to apply them.

Essential oils is also a great and natural resource that helps weight loss but it requires time, proper use and application.

Use weight loss supplements for faster results

There are some really good and healthy weight loss supplements out there that helps people lose pounds and Phen 24 is one of them.

It kick-starts your metabolism, boosts your energy, burns more calories and burns fat even when you sleep, combined with these natural means, in no time, slow metabolism will never be your problem ever again.

Try it out and get lucky with the others.

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