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How to get a flat tummy in one month

Hello lovely! Welcome and good to have you, i am going to share with you the best exercises on how to get a flat tummy in one month.

You are home because I am not just going to tell you what you are supposed to do but I will also help you create a schedule and plans and also the proper diet to be taking and the ones to avoid as well.

ways to melt belly fat by eating healthy

You know, working out is fun, I was not a very big fan of workout till one day I visited the salon where I always get my hair done, I heard the guy sitting next to me whisper to his girl friend “such a fine face but saggy belly”

to be frank with you I had to tuck in my tummy for the rest of the hours I stayed in that salon just not to get another embarrassment.

As soon as I got home I decided to join my friend “the yoga addict” in her workout schedule. After a while that seemed like a month, believe me when I say that I really wish that guy can see my new physique right now because I am very sure it’s going to wow him.

Pardon my very short real life story, it was just to get you to know that if I could sweep those fat that have been annoying me for so long off my belly then you too can achieve this feat and I want us to start now.

Things you will need

• Determination and endurance:
this is the key factor, in fact, this is all you need.
If anything could make me lose my belly fat then believe me when I say that what I am going to give you now is going to work for you if only you can say a very big NO! to those negative thoughts in your head and take these workout plans as a fun part of your life because it is really fun.
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Alright for the exercises needed to achieve this goal, I have got a very short video here that demonstrates just everything. Watch the video below and follow the schedule I am going to give you in order to start seeing results.

If you are a beginner and you just dived into the world of workout then don’t worry, this schedule is going to help you a lot.

i just thought i should create a schedule so that anyone that reads this post would not go half way and give up, that is one thing i realized when i started my journey on how to get a flat tummmy.

Your daily workout schedule

fitness schedule - How to get a flat tummy in one month

Having a workout schedule is no rocket science, its super easy, it helps you to be more dedicated and consistence.
Some recommend doing workout every morning after bed which is very good, well I would like to recommend every morning after bed and every night before bed and believe me that was why I started seeing my own result pretty fast.
set your own morning and evening time and follow the steps below.

For the exercises above

• Drink about two glasses of warm water as soon as you wake from sleep.

• Be sure to do all five of the exercises above every morning when you wake up and every night before bed.

• You might want to start with ten counts for each of the exercise depending on the counts you can endure as much as you can, but just don’t overdo it the first time.

• Assuming you did ten counts for each exercise in the morning, then in the night try to add at least five or more counts to increase it to fifteen or more depending on how much you can endure it.

• Keep on increasing the counts and never go back and in no time, your body will get to master it and that is when that annoying fat will start sweeping off.

• BE CONSISTENT, you are never going to get this flat tummy if you are not consistent with the workout, the only time you are allowed to stop your workout is the day you will decide to stop eating food, lol, sounds funny but its true. Please endure more and the results you are going to get is going to wow you, i guarantee you that.

Okay lovely, that’s all I have for you and I want you to do me a favor, follow this workout routine and you are going to get this flat tummy in no time. And don’t forget to slay as soon as you get it.

I would also like you to keep In touch and visit my website whenever you are seeking for help concerning fat burning and healthy dieting.

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Leave a comment below or ask any question and I will get to you as soon as I can.

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