How to lose weight fast without exercise | Best guide ever!

lose weight fast without exercise

Do you know that it’s super easy to lose weight fast without exercise? A lot of advice out there must have told you that it’s not possible to lose weight without exercise but forgetting that the reason you get fat in the first place is because of some habits you might not even know about.

If you are the busy type or maybe you are not a big fan of exercise and you want to lose weight as fast as possible, I have explained a lot of things you can to do to start losing weight without exercising from today, get your pen and paper then read on. 


How to lose weight fast without exercise

1. Start taking fiber rich foods

Do you know that fiber-rich foods can make you feel fuller and can decrease your food craving for a long period of time, but how?

The of fiber called viscous fiber forms a gel when it comes in contact with water, this gel slows down the nutrient absorption time and this consequently makes your stomach to be emptied even more slower which decrease food cravings.

Some fiber-rich foods include beans, brussels sprouts, oats, oranges, cereals.

Include them in your everyday diet to help you kill hunger and too much eating.


2. Serve yourself smaller portions

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There is no denying it, you know that too much eating can increase your body weight and can also increase bloating especially when you take in a lot of unhealthy foods.

Eating too much of food can swell up your tummy making it to start sagging with time.

Serve yourself smaller portion of the meal and don’t overfeed, this can be achieved by dining with your family or making a small amount of food if you stay alone, it helps a lot..


3. Start a ketogenic diet for weight loss

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The ketogenic diet have gotten much love from a lot of people practicing it today, it has been proven to be one of the healthiest type of diet that can make you lose weight fast without exercise, but what is a ketogenic diet

It is simply a type of diet where you take in 5% of carbs, 25% of protein and 70% of healthy fat which will set your body to a strict ketosis state.

When your body gets into ketosis, it uses only fat as its source of energy and no more carbs.

When your body is in ketosis, it burns a lot of fat.

(Read also ketogenic diet flu, symptoms and remedies)


4. Get a healthy weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight without exercising

Many are so lazy to even exercise or even try out a weight loss diet journey a very good and healthy weight loss supplement suits this type of people.

After series of serious research, we have arrived at an amazing supplement that can help you lose weight without any exercise and with a lot of testimonies and love coming from the users of phen 24 we couldn’t have been more convinced.  Click here to see for yourself


5. Start a protein diet for weight loss

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When we are worn out we regularly keep running for whatever has the most sugar (soft drink, treats, and so forth.) in light of the fact that our minds disclose to us that we require an increase in energy.

 The issue is that this energy is messy energy. It is transitory and you wind up smashing subsequently.

Changing over your body over to clean vitality implies that you are more stimulated for the duration of the day without that irritating need of energy that comes after taking unhealthy carbs.

There is another great advantage of taking protein and that is muscle development. No, you won’t resemble the Hulk, however your body requires energy and Building muscle consumes fat.

See where I’m running with this?

The most troublesome thing about taking protein is… devouring protein. It tends to be hard taking it daily.

That is the reason protein powders were created. They have every unique kind with every extraordinary flavor. They are great. The protein powder that I’m completely dependent on right currently is Fitmiss Delight Nutritional Shake.


6. Eat without electronic distraction

Focusing on what you eat may enable you to devour lesser calories.

Individuals who eat while they’re staring at the TV or playing PC games may forget about the amount they have eaten. This, thus, can cause overeating.

One audit of 24 ponders found that individuals who were occupied while eating ate about 10% more in that sitting.

Individuals who eat absent mindedly or in front of a TV or phone tends to eat additional 25% of what they could have taken when they are in control of their eating.

In the event that you consistently eat food while sitting in front of the TV or utilizing electronic gadgets, you could be incidentally eating more. These additional calories massively affect your weight with time.


7. Cut your sugary intake Your Sunny Side Up 2 nxape3z48g17hoc80sbuml7f8jhl85wwl5l83z7xr4 - How to lose weight fast without exercise | Best guide ever!

Without any doubt you know that sugary stuff and too much carbs can make you fat.

Carbs are delicious but are deliciously bad for you if you are the type that wants to lose weight fast without exercise.

Too much carbs can make your body to have excess glycogen to store and excess glycogen in the body is slowly converted to fat just like a snake crawls slowly, with this, a large amount of our body fat is gotten from the too much carb we take.

Never stop taking carbs because you need it for energy but take only the healthy carbs that comes from vegetables.

Unhealthy carbs can come from these type of foods

  • Cheese
  • Soda
  • Candy bars
  • Doughnuts
  • Paste
  • White breads…etc

8. Involve in rigorous dancing activities

Have you ever noticed 90% of the kind of people called dancing crew always looked thin, it’s not that they cannot get fat or they have never been fat or they were born differently.

When you dance always you tend to sweat a lot no matter what, dancing is a kind of exercise but people don’t always see it as exercise because when you dance its always fun.

If you want to lose weight fast without exercise then download dance videos that involve a rigorous dancing activities and follow them at least three times a week, seat those carbs off, this will offer a tremendous help in your weight loss journey.

9. Start intermittent fasting for weight loss

Intermittent fasting for weight loss is just amazing! I know we all love eating and it’s difficult to stay hours without eating but when you indulge in intermittent fasting, even you are going to love it.

Intermittent fasting happens when you restrict all your three or ten square meals a day into one dish in the evening before you go to bed, this is worth trying out if you want to lose weight fast with exercising because it has a ton of benefits.

  • It increases human growth hormone (helps you grow taller)
  • It reduces insulin levels (large production of insulin cause annoying weight gain)
  • It reduces bloating in your body (bloating is swelling that makes you appear really fat) Try out intermittent fasting

10. Change your cupboard and refrigerator content

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Our environment and how we keep it can make us to get fat even though we don’t realize that.

What kind of food is available in your environment, are you able to reach unhealthy foods more easily than the healthy ones you are supposed to be taking?

Then you need to do some shopping, those soda drinks, sausages and sugary drinks you have in your refrigerator and cupboard, take them to the trash today!

Go to the mall and get tons of healthy foods that can make you lose weight fast even without exercising, yes there are foods that will make you lose weight healthily and they are all at the market.

11. Reduce your stress level

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If you are the type that does a lot of work that is really stressful then I’m sorry to say, you have a greater chance of getting fat.

Stressful  work is the type of work that is tiring and we also hate it, when you do something you hate, it comes to your brain as stress and it secrets a stress hormone called cortisol, this hormone makes you feel even hungrier and make you to crave for sugary foods that aren’t healthy just to satisfy your condition.

Do whatever you do with happiness and try not to think too much as it is also a very big friend of stress

12. Try to chew more while eating

Eating really fast without making effort to chew what you are eating effectively is a real bad attitude that almost all of us have.

This contributes tremendously to weight gain because

  • You take in way too much food
  • You eat tirelessly without spending energy to chew it
  • It slows down digestion

Try to chew whatever you eat effectively, it helps you take even smaller amount at the end of the day preventing over eating.

13. Start taking probiotic

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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are integral to digestion. Recent research links gut and brain function and suggests that probiotics can affect weight, body mass, and mood.

Humans act as the host of these bacteria and provide them with food, including fiber. In turn, the bacteria benefit the intestine and a person’s general health.

The benefits that they provide include:

  • energy for the gut wall and liver cells
  • specific fatty acids that have anti-cancer properties
  • regulating body weight

A high sugar diet can alter the balance of bacteria in the gut, reducing the number of useful bacteria.

Research suggests that probiotics could help prevent or manage obesity.

Some natural probiotic foods include:

14. Start drinking more water for weight loss

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I know we all hate water, its tasteless and not sweet and its boring while going down your throat.

When you want to lose weight tirelessly without exercising, you have to carry a bottle of water wherever you go, why?

Water helps our body stay detoxified by flushing toxins and oxidants that can make our body to be bloated.

If you find drinking water really boring or hard to do then try adding a lemon into it to spice it up a bit but try and train your body to drink enough water each day.

15. keep a food journal

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Writing down what you eat every day keeps you honest and really makes you aware of how much you’re eating. “It’s one of the most important things you can do,” says Rubaum Keller. “Yet it’s one of the things that people really resist. They think it’s so hard, but it really only takes a few minutes.”

If you want a place to keep track online, Keller recommends

16. Eat like you are already old

Have you noticed the old people, because of the sickness their body have gathered as a result of unhealthy practices they have done throughout their life, they now resort to healthy eating.

The benefits of healthy eating cannot be over emphasized, some of these benefits include

  • longer and healthier life
  • improved skin look
  • maintains weight and helps keep off fat.                                                                     Read more about healthy eating.

17. weigh yourself always and keep track

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keeping track of your body weight is one of the greatest way to motivate yourself if you are losing weight without exercise, always celebrate your small wins and it helps you to never give up.

  • Wake up every morning and weigh yourself for the day before anything else
  • Mark your weight and try to carry out your weight loss goals for that day, it could be intermittent fasting, or taking your weight loss supplement or eating less or healthy eating.
  • Create a calendar that you will always mark whenever you achieve your weight loss goal for that particular day
  • Try to stay continuous with the days and never skip two days in a row because it demotivates you
  • Keep the chain going and never give up.

18. Buy expensive and more tight clothes

This might sound funny but when you spend your money to buy an expensive cloth, then you embark on a weight loss journey to make that dress fit you after you must have lost weight, it’s really a big motivating factor.

Try to get a really nice outfit that you will love and get yourself in shape so that it finally suits your body shape, this can greatly help you lose weight and also keep it off.

19. Always get enough sleep

We all know you are the busy type or maybe you always have something doing that can cost you your sleeping hours, please stop it, and try to get at least seven to ten hours of sleep every day.

Getting enough sleep always improves your brain and reduces stress, just like I’ve mentioned earlier.

Try to get at least seven to ten hours of sleep each night.

20. learn a habit of eating less

Eating with a big bowl will never make you lose weight fast without exercise; rather it will help you gain weight fast even with exercise and with all pleasure.

If you have always been eating with big bowl please trash them and get a smaller ceramic plate, this drastically reduces the amount of food you take if you are a food addict.

Remember overeating makes your tummy to sag

What to do next

The tips I gave you in this article are proven ways on how to lose weight fast without exercise, you must not do all, take the tips that will be very convenient for you and start today!  to implement them, a month alter you are going to wish you had started today remember, to create a calendar!

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