Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

keto diet for beiginners an altimate weight loss diet

So you have been hearing about the keto diet and how it works weight loss miracles with over millions of people testifying but you are not sure what it is exactly or how it works.

 Am going to help you clear that confusion today and right now.

i hope this keto diet review helps clear your confusiong and will get you started.

What is keto diet?

A keto diet (ketosis meaning) is the type of diet that consists of roughly 75% of healthy fat, 20% of lean protein and 5% of carb.

How ketogenic diet works for weight loss

When on a ketogenic diet, this is exactly what happens to your body;

You know, the normal energy source of the body is the glucose generated from the digestion of the carbs that we take every day, but what happens when your carb intake drastically reduces to 5% and your healthy fat intake increases to 75%, this means that your body will switch its energy source.

Normally, when it uses carb for energy, the fat accumulation is higher because why? It’s not mostly burning fat for energy.

But when it starts switching its source of energy supply from carbs to fats, that’s where the weight loss goal lies..

Imagine when your body only draws its energy form your body fat and no more carbs, the condition is definitely weight loss and dramatic increase in burning fat.

So how does it work?                         

When the body starts getting used to low carb supply, it switches itself to ketosis state.

The liver converts fat to ketones because the body cannot directly use fat rather it uses it in form of ketones. Protein intake is kept moderate because a large amount of protein can store in form of blood sugar (glycogen).

Your brain requires a lot of energy and when your fat store is easily accessed due to low carb availability, it burns that fat in form of ketones and draws its energy from it.

So, as a weight loss person, you should definitely be feeling lucky right now. I’m not guessing I know.

Why? Because keto diet beats intermittent fasting because nobody wants to fast.

Note that “low carb is good for a keto diet” and “no carb diet” is not good for the body.


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What to eat on a ketogenic diet

To be on the right track you will definitely want to eat foods high in healthy fat, moderate protein and very low carb.

You need to eat fatty foods because your body now needs it more and when you don’t eat them, your body continues to burn fat but you will be feeling weak and tired.

I also recommend that you only eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full.

So here is a list of some keto food list you need to stick with

Fatty fish

fish salmon - Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

Fatty fish such as sardine, salmon, tuna are one of the greatest sources of healthy omega 3 fat.

Try to incorporate these kinds of fishes in your food twice or three times weekly.


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This is parked with healthy lean protein to help build muscles and burn fat. The good thing about protein is that it consumes more calories to digest it more than carbs do.

Eggs are parked with a rich supply of nutrient; they are one of the best weight loss foods.

Natural fatty oils

olive oil 1024x682 - Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

You might want to ditch the unhealthy oil that you always use in your daily cooking, start using oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, garlic butter, these are great sources of healthy fats that you and I usually underestimate

Unprocessed meat

meat 1024x576 - Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

Remember we agreed that you keep your protein intake at a very moderate rate, now meat is a rich source of healthy protein.

Try to stick with organic and grass fed meat because processed meat contain unhealthy carbs.

Natural fatty oils

brocoli vegetables salad green 1615141 1024x682 - Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

Some keto low carb vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, avocado.

These are great sources of good fat for your keto diet.             

They replace a lot of high carb food in your diet and make you feel fuller.

Natural high fat diary

These can be butter, cheese and yoghurt. You can use butter for your cooking, snack on cheese but only when you are hungry.

You should also not drink much milk because it is high in carb though it might be a good source of protein.


berry 1024x629 - Keto diet for beginners an ultimate weight loss diet

They are good natural anti oxidants that fights against bloating (when a part of your body is bloated, it looks fatter than your normal body part”)

 You can snack on them but keep their intake in check,

Any kind of berry is welcome.

might be a good source of protein.

List of drinks that is good during a ketogenic diet

  • Water
  • Bone broth
  • Tea
  • Coffee

I know you might not like water or it might be boring to you or not sweet, you can drink it plain, hot or sweetened with fruit such as lemon or lime or even your favorite fruit JUST DON’T USE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.

Drink bone broth with a little butter, it is parked with serious nutrients and electrolytes fit for a ketogenic diet.

You can also drink tea and coffee but try not to add artificial sweeteners, in your weight loss journey they are definitely a big no no.

Foods to avoid while on a ketogenic diet


This one you need to run away from, artificial sweeteners, fruit juice, soft drinks, sports drinks, sweets, sugar cookies it increases blood sugar and you  know what that means? No more fat is getting used up.

High carb foods

Avoid white breads, pasta, cereals, rice, chips, and porridge, processed foods like doughnuts, cakes, canned foods.

You can replace them with brown bread, keto rice, keto bread and keto porridge.


This is artificial and it contains a lot of unhealthy carbs and fat.

Keep it as far away as you can and you will be totally fine.

Highly sweet fruits

This might sound counter intuitive because we really need fruits in our lives but for the sake of your keto, you will have to avoid the types that have higher sugar in it. Not entirely but try to keep it in check. Fruit like the oranges is a good example.

So finally we have landed the basic meaning of ketogenic diet and what it looks like.

So your next question could be “how am I going to start”

I would say you start today and below is the most basic way to start a ketogenic diet as a beginner without getting overwhelmed.

How to get into a ketogenic diet without getting overwhelmed

Well you really don’t need to get overwhelmed, you can choose to make it simple.

There are a lot of keto recipes out there which I’m going to be bringing to you on daily basis from the most simple to the supposed complex ones just to make sure you stay on track and never go half way and give up.

To begin with, follow the below step

Start taking action!

  • Begin with reducing your daily carb intake
  • Try your best to avoid the list of foods listed to be avoided
  • Try incorporating the above listed keto valid foods  into your daily dishes gradually
  • Keep on going like that till you have gotten the good keto food format 75% healthy fat foods, 25% lean protein and 5 % carbs or maybe even closer, depending on how you have planned it .
  • Be steady and you will start seeing results

There is a lot when it comes to keto dieting, such as keto flu, how to know you are in a keto state, keto recipes and how to prepare keto dishes with the best fat, protein and carb combination. <br>

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