9 ultimate ways to melt belly fat by eating healthy

ways ways to melt belly fat

No doubt, there are many advice and articles out there on how to lose belly fat effectively and fast, they also say there isn’t any effort involved, I would say that’s true, but do you want to lose that belly fat so fast, effectively and healthily, then this post is for you.

Sorry to say, this post is also for the serious minded people, because losing belly fat effectively and healthily is no easy task but when I said its no easy task, I was also talking about the fastest means and methods to apply.
This involves the most effective workouts on how to lose belly fat.
I will also talk about the healthy eating habits you will have to start practicing to make sure that as soon as you get this flat belly, it stays without accumulating fat again but only as long as you will follow this healthy eating habit. And then lastly,
I will give you the five core natural essential oils for flat tummy that worked miracles for me and how to apply them. And also the steps on how you can start using them.
First, I would like to talk about the reasons why this fat accumulates in the first place.
Before I embarked on my weight loss journey, I used to wonder, like was I born with a belly fat differently or did God really decide to place this curse on me, well I’m sure I gave myself a very convincing answer to that question.

There are so many reasons you would like to lose belly fat and I would also say there are so many reasons you really need to do.

Why you really need to lose belly fat now!

  • Good looks: You might want to look super sexy as a lady, this was my main reason during my time and you don’ look any sexy without having a flat tummy, common let’s tell ourselves the truth.
  • For health purposes belly fat can be really dangerous you know why? Because when visceral (belly fat) accumulates so much in your belly, it can start disturbing the organs functionality and might block the blood vessels which can lead to sicknesses like hypertension, cholesterol, or even stroke.
  • For your profession: you might have or be aspiring for a modeling profession and you really need this flat tummy to even survive in that kind of profession.
  • After birth issues: maybe you gave birth and your hotness and self esteem went flat on the ground.
  • Self esteem: you might love the beach so much and you really like wearing bikini but you just can’t because of your chubby looking belly, and so many more reasons why people really need to start burning this belly fat. Well read on please.

Reasons why belly fat accumulates

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Below are the different reasons why belly fat accumulates in our tummy in the first place, which you really need to stop if you have those habits.

  1. processed food: they might be too tasty to resist but they are  an enemy to your health and body.  Too much of processed foods and high calorie foods are really bad to health I would rather not take them at all.
  2. Stress and overworking this might sound impossible but yes, stress and overworking can make fat to start accumulating in our body but why? Because you will not have the time for healthy practices, dieting and workout.
  3. Genetics: sometimes it might be because of genetics, hundreds of studies have proved that inherited traits can play a very large role to our physical appearance. Let’s just simplify it this way, if one inherits any similarities from mum or dad or even grannies, then it’s possible one can also inherit annoying traits such are chubby tummy, or fat flat nose and so much more of them.
  4. Late night eating: this one can never be over emphasized, eating food especially heavy foods just before going to bed, I would recommend eating late at night if you want to GAIN belly fat so make your pick, belly fat? Or no belly fat?. You would really want to run away from this one if you really wish to have flat belly. Finally;

9 ultimate ways to melt belly fat by eating healthy

  1. Eat cautiously: I know mummy’s dish is always too sweet but please do not rush food while you eat, you should be able to know when you are already full, please do not continue eating when you know you are already full no matter how sweet it might taste, also don’t practice multitasking while you eat, like pressing phone or watching movies or doing any other thing. It took me weeks to be able to stop this habit.
  2. Drink water: as long as weight loss is concerned, water is your friend, it flushes the acidity in the body, sometimes it makes you feel fuller and you will crave less for food, it boosts your digestive system functionality so practice drinking enough water especially immediately after bed in the morning, make it warm and clean too and avoid chilled water at all cost please!.
  3. Run from sugary and high calorie foods: this cannot be overemphasized, when you are on this weight loss journey especially losing belly fat, you will have to run away from sugar or the foods containing too much sugar. It makes your body prone to diabetes and increases cancer risks.
  4. Low carb diet: ok I admit, this is really difficult but we agreed that this fat must go away right? Ok, reduce eating high carb foods, you might not stop it entirely but keep it strictly in check. You might want to increase your intake of low carb and fibre-rich foods.
  5. Eat fat burning foods:please start eating natural foods that doesn’t add to your predicament, eating packaged or processed foods might be your habit, but if you are really into losing belly fat then you have to drop this particular habit, I did. Healthy and natural foods such as the avocado, carrots, veggies, oats cucumber, papaya, vitamin rich foods such as citrus, apple; they do not only prove effectiveness in losing belly fat but it boosts immune system, in fact, it transforms your entire life, it helps give you a rich looking skin (I’m a testimony to that effect), it helps burn fat, it even makes you happy “knowing that you are eating healthier than your neighbor”, it is one of the proven methods of anti-aging, so start today and start early.
  1. Workout: sweetie, this isn’t a eating habit but remember we agreed that this fat must melt away as fast as possible right?, this is one of the top ways it can be achieved. I have listed the best core effective flat tummy exercise with videos to quicken this process, believe me, this workouts really works because it did for me. Workout doesn’t only work for losing belly fat, it keeps you fit and responsive. Make it your daily routine.
  1. Avoid stress and overworking: I didn’t say you shouldn’t work but please, the duration of time you work especially the stressful type of work you have to keep it in check, because when you stress yourself or overwork yourself, you tend to crave more for food, you will have less time and strength to do your workout and practice healthy dieting, it increases the amount of stress hormones (cortisol) which is released when we are stressed both physically and emotionally.
  2. Get enough sleep: I wish I knew this when I started my weight loss journey, staying awake during the night can increase the number of hours you have not eaten food and will make you to start craving for food. Enough sleep keeps your hormonal regulation in check, if you want to prove that then try not sleeping for at least two days, you will start noticing you facial skin changing immediately.
  3. Make use of essential oils: there is no doubt, we are trying to keep everything natural and healthy, natural essential oils for weight loss is one of the best methods to start applying today why? Because it’s natural, its effective and it really works. ( I too am a testimony to that). I have listed the four best essential oils for weight loss for you and also the best ways to use them for flat tummy to start seeing results.

In summary

You can achieve a flat belly fast, effectively and healthily by doing this three things:

  1. Eating healthily
  2. Making the different flat tummy workout you daily routine.
  3. Making use of the proper essential oils.

That’s all guys, I want you to start now, I have spent the time to tell you all this and guys, please start doing it now, DON’T PROCASTINATE, the only way to start losing belly fat really fast is to start now and stop making any excuses!

If you liked this article on 9 ultimate ways to melt belly fat by eating healthy, give your ideas and comments below. I will be glad to answer your questions.

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